Monday, July 30, 2012

Ferrari F430 with Escort Passport 9500ci Radar Detector

Ferrari of Washington in Dulles Virginia recommended the owner of this amazing Ferrari F430 come see us to help him out with deciding on a concealed radar detector. As usual we reccomended an Escort Passport 9500ci system with its dual front laser diffusers, single rear laser diffuser, front radar detector, GPS locator, display, and controller. This unit is truly the best available on the market and more details are available in previous posts or on Escorts website. For this particular vehicle we placed the controller and display modules inside the glove box for full concealment when necessary.
Closeup of the front driver's side laser diffuser

Close-up of the rear laser diffuser mounted above the license plate.
Display and Control Module located in the glove box.

Close up of inside glove box.

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