Wednesday, December 5, 2012

M5 for Full System Plus Extras

This BMW M5 was brought to us by a long time customer in order to have a lot of work done. To start we outfitted this car with a full new sound system. Starting with the speakers we went with Focal Polykevlar all around. These are Focals 2nd line from the top sitting just below the Utopia Be speakers. These speakers were mated to an Audison amplifier and together this made a huge improvement to the sound system. The only thing missing now was some added bass, so for this we added a Pioneer shallow mount sub in order to add sound and not take up too much room in the trunk or add too much weight.
After the sound system we began to work on radar and laser protection. This customer had a kit from his previous vehicle that we transferred to his new one by simply installing the laser diffusers and radar sensor. While we were running wires from back to front in the vehicle we also wired up his exhaust cut out system which could be controlled in the car to open an exhaust valve to let the engine rev more freely.
The last thing we worked on for this customer was wrapping the roof in vinyl. For this vehicle the customer decided to go with a gloss black to contrast the dark blue exterior paint.

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