Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for Vehicle Wrap

A couple weeks ago we posted this Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG after installing a radar detection system and I mentioned we had a larger project going on for the vehicle. It is finally finished and looking like a different car. The vehicle was wrapped from head to toe in a satin blue vinyl to change the overall appearance while not permanently altering the vehicle. With this vehicle wrap, if the owner no longer wants the new color, it can simply be peeled off and the car will go back to its original paint.

Noble M12 GTO for Replacement Back-up camera and Re-wire

This awesome Noble M12 GTO was brought to us because the new owner had realized the back-up camera was not functioning properly. We went about replacing it with one of our Rydeen Miny cameras and while doing so noticed some other wiring that needed to be re-done. After talking with the owner he decided it would be best if we simply re-wired the entire audio system to prevent any future issues. After a couple days of work the vehicle was finished properly and ready for the road.

Porsche Turbo for Pioneer Avic-X940BT Navigation

The owner of the Porsche 997 911 Turbo had heard of us from other Porsche owners and decided to bring his vehicle by in order to have a navigation system installed to replace the factory PCM unit. For this vehicle we went with the Pioneer AVIC-X940BT which comes standard with navigation, Bluetooth, AM/FM radio, CD/DVD, iPod/iPhone interface, SD and USB inputs as well as an auxiliary input for using non USB devices. This unit can also be upgraded with back-up cameras, satellite radio, HD radio, and nav traffic.

Mercedes-Benz ML350 for Remote Start

A customer brought by their Mercedes-Benz ML350 in order to have a remote start added to help warm up the vehicle during the cold winter months. The system we used for this vehicle is made to interface seamlessly with the factory security system. Pushing the panic button in a certain pattern will start the vehicle while retaining the panic buttons original features by simply holding it down. When the vehicle is started the doors remain locked until unlocked by the fob, and if the brake pedal is touched before the key fob is in the vehicle then the car will shut off. This system is a great solution to warming up the car especially with how cold this winter has been.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Range Rover Evoque for Rear Seat Entertainment

Today we received this brand new Range Rover Evoque from Rosenthal Land Rover of Tyson's Corner in order to have rear seat entertainment added for their customer. For this we use Vizualogic head rest monitor systems which are special ordered to match the vehicles original leather and stitching for a factory look. These systems include two DVD players and two screens, which can play from either DVD player or from an auxiliary plug on the front of the screen. These units also allow the sound from the movie to be played through the radio by means of an FM Modulator or through wireless headphones allowing the front passengers to listen to the radio.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for Passport 9500ci

This customer has been to us before and came back with his new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in order to have a Passport 9500ci radar detection unit installed. This is a fully concealed system with dual front laser diffusers, front radar detector, a single rear laser diffuser, and a GPS antennae for locating speed and traffic light cameras. The system also comes with a small display and control module, as well as a cut off switch for quickly powering on or off the system. These units also have a USB adapter plug located above the drivers feet to allow easy updates of new camera and speed trap locations. The Passport 9500ci is a top of the line concealed radar system with unmatched performance for everyday use.
After we finished the radar install we began work on another project on this car, which we will have some pictures of in the next couple days when its all done. When the next part of the project is done, this will look like an entirely different car.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BMW 5-Series for Parking Sensors

This BMW 5-Series was brought to us by Porsche of Arlington in order to have parking sensors added to the vehicle. The parking sensors we install can be put in the front and rear bumpers and are flush mounted in the bumper and painted to match with factory vin specific paint. For this vehicle the sensors were only placed in the rear bumper and are activated automatically when the car is put into reverse.

BMW 3-Series for Subwoofer, Speakers & iPod input

This customer brought by their BMW 3-Series to have an iPod connection added and also have some speakers and a sub-woofer added to make the car sound better. For the iPod connection we used a Blitzsafe piece which replaces the CD Changer and allows the radio a direct input for the iPod. In the front doors we replaced the factory BMW speakers with a pair of Focal Polyglass speakers. These speakers are handmade in France and are some of the nicest speakers currently available. For the sub-woofer we went with a Pioneer shallow mount sub and box along with a Pioneer digital class-D amplifier. With the new speakers and sub-woofer the car was sounding much better, and with the addition of the iPod cable the customer was able to hear all of his music through the new system.

BMW 3-Series for Back-up Camera & Parking Sensors

This customer brought us his BMW 3-Series in order to have a back-up camera and front and rear parking sensors installed. The customer was referred to us by BMW of Sterling to get the work done. For the back-up camera we used a Rydeen Miny which is a small and discreet camera mounted above the license plate. We also interface this camera with the factory navigation screen so that the unit will automatically come up on the screen when the vehicle is put into reverse. The parking sensors are flush mounted into the front and rear bumpers and are also painted to match the vehicles paint with the factory touch-up paint. The rear sensors are set to active automatically when the car is put into revers, while the fronts work off of a switch so they can be turned off during traffic.

BMW 3-Series for Back-up Camera

This new BMW 3-Series was sent to us from BMW of Sterling in order to have a rear view camera added. We have the ability to interface an aftermarket camera with the factory navigation screen so that the camera is automatically displayed when the vehicle is put into reverse. For the camera we use the Rydeen Miny which is a very small and discreet camera, barely larger than a sugar cube.