Monday, July 30, 2012

Ferrari F430 with Escort Passport 9500ci Radar Detector

Ferrari of Washington in Dulles Virginia recommended the owner of this amazing Ferrari F430 come see us to help him out with deciding on a concealed radar detector. As usual we reccomended an Escort Passport 9500ci system with its dual front laser diffusers, single rear laser diffuser, front radar detector, GPS locator, display, and controller. This unit is truly the best available on the market and more details are available in previous posts or on Escorts website. For this particular vehicle we placed the controller and display modules inside the glove box for full concealment when necessary.
Closeup of the front driver's side laser diffuser

Close-up of the rear laser diffuser mounted above the license plate.
Display and Control Module located in the glove box.

Close up of inside glove box.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Audi Q7 for Radar Detector and Rear Seat Entertainment

This customer came to us interested in a rear seat entertainment system and a radar detector for their Audi Q7. For the rear seat entertainment we installed a Vizualogic system which includes dual headrest monitors, each with their own DVD and Aux port built into the monitor. They also include two pairs of headphones and an FM modulator so you can listen to the DVD player through the radio. These units are made to order for each vehicle and are made to perfectly match the vehicles leather and stitching.
For the radar detector we installed the tried and true Escort Passport 9500ci. We frequently install these in customers cars as they are the best of the best as far as radar detectors go and they include many features other radar detectors do not. For more information on these check out some of my previous posts, or check out Escorts website at: .

Close up of the front Driver's side laser diffuser.

Close up of the Rear Laser Diffuser.

Center console with Display and Control Module
Close up of the display and controller
Vizualogic Rear seat headrest monitors.

Drivers side headrest monitor. (This monitor has a protective cover over the screen, not a defective screen)

Porsche 996 911 for Pioneer AVIC X940BT

This customer was sent to us from Intersport, a Porsche sales, service, and performance specialty shop in Tyson's Corner. The customers vehicle was in need of an upgraded navigation radio which would include bluetooth, iPod connectivity, and a DVD screen. The Pioneer AVIC-X940BT was the perfect solution for this customers Porsche 996 911. In order to install this unit in the vehicle the OEM A/C controls needed to be relocated to a lower position to make room for the Double-DIN radio. In order to accomplish this we use a custom made kit which fits the Double-DIN radio and matches the Porsche factory trim pieces seamlessly. Now onto the pictures:

Factory Radio before the install with two pockets down below.

After the install, with the lower pocket removed and the HVAC controls relocated.

Powered on with the GPS working

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Porsche Panamera GTS for Radar Detector and Rear Seat Entertainment

The owner of this Porsche Panamera GTS came to us from down in North Carolina in order to have our installers add a radar detector and rear seat entertainment system to his car. For the radar detector we installed the top of the line, fully concealed Escort Passport 9500ci. This unit includes dual front laser diffusers, rear laser diffuser, front radar detector, GPS locator, a small display, control module, and a kill switch for quickly powering the unit on and off. For the rear seat entertainment we installed a kit that we brought in from Germany to give the monitors factory look and usability. The leather is perfectly matched to the seats and other interior bits, and are fitted with quality screens to ensure a great picture and easy use. This is the third of these systems to be installed on a Panamera in the United States. We also did the first.

Close up of the rear laser diffuser.
Close up of the front drivers side laser diffuser.
Passport display and control module located to the left of the center console and A/C vent.

Dual rear headrest monitors, each with their own DVD player.

Drivers side headrest monitor with leather and stitching to match the factory seats.

BMW E3 Sedan for Updated Pioneer Radio

This customer came to us with his classic BMW E3 Sedan with a broken radio in need of replacement. Since the customer did not need anything too crazy, as he rarely drives this vehicle, he decided to go with a basic Pioneer DEH-2400UB. This unit comes with AM/FM radio, a CD player, USB port for an iPod or USB storage device, as well as an auxiliary input.

Pioneer radio installed.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mercedes CLS550 for Back-up Camera and iPod

This customer was recommended to us by Mercedes-Benz of Tyson's Corner to help her find a solution for a back-up camera and an iPod interface for her Mercedes CLS550. We were able to interface with her factory radio to give her both of these features using a Nav-TV interface and a Rydeen back up camera. the Nav-TV interface allows both of these units to function like factory parts, with the back-up camera automatically turning on when the vehicle is put into reverse, and the iPod being controlled through the radio with selections for playlists, artists, albums, etc.

Close up shot of the Rydeen back-up camera.

View of the Back-up camera

iPod cable located for easy access as per customer request.

Scanning through Artists selection

Full Size Range Rover HSE for Headrest Monitors

This vehicle was brought to us from Manhattan Range Rover in Rockville Maryland in order to have rear seat entertainment installed. Just like many other Range Rovers we have done, this vehicle was given the Vizualogic system which includes two headrest monitors, two DVD players, a pair of headphones, and it can also play through the vehicles radio. These kits are made to order and match the vehicles leather and stitching perfectly.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ferrari 328 GTS for Aftermarket Radio w/XM Sat Radio and Replacement Antennae

For the past few days we have had the pleasure of working on this beautiful Ferrari 328 GTS. This customers original antennae had broken and was in need of replacement, and while we were there he decided he wanted to replace the radio with a more modern unit which would allow him iPod USB connectivity, HD Radio, as well as XM Satellite Radio. To allow him the features he was looking for we went with a Pioneer DEH-P7400HD. 

Pioneer DEH-P7400HD installed in the dash.

Replacement Antennae installed.

Porsche Cayman for Pioneer AVIC-X940BT in dash Navigation

Another Pioneer navigation, this time it is the X940BT in a Porsche Cayman. The biggest difference between this unit and the Z140BT is the screen size is decreased from a full 7" screen to a 6.1" screen. Other than this the Z140 also includes HD Radio, Nav-traffic, and rear seat entertainment control. The Pioneer X940BT still does most anything a radio can do including AM, FM, CD, DVD, iPod, USB, Aux-in, Bluetooth, and Navigation. When we install these units in Porsche vehicles we also install a perfectly matched dash kit which we import from Germany which looks great and matches the dash color absolutely perfectly.

Mercedes S430 for Pioneer Z140BT

Along with the Mercedes CL500 from my previous post, this customer brought by their Mercedes S430 for a Pioneer Z140BT as well. As stated in the last post this is a top of the line unit which can do almost anything a radio should be capable of, and has expandability options to allow it to do much more. Also like the previous post, this customer also chose to have a back-up camera added to their unit.

Close up of the Rydeen back-up camera.