Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Porsche Panamera GTS for Radar Detector and Rear Seat Entertainment

The owner of this Porsche Panamera GTS came to us from down in North Carolina in order to have our installers add a radar detector and rear seat entertainment system to his car. For the radar detector we installed the top of the line, fully concealed Escort Passport 9500ci. This unit includes dual front laser diffusers, rear laser diffuser, front radar detector, GPS locator, a small display, control module, and a kill switch for quickly powering the unit on and off. For the rear seat entertainment we installed a kit that we brought in from Germany to give the monitors factory look and usability. The leather is perfectly matched to the seats and other interior bits, and are fitted with quality screens to ensure a great picture and easy use. This is the third of these systems to be installed on a Panamera in the United States. We also did the first.

Close up of the rear laser diffuser.
Close up of the front drivers side laser diffuser.
Passport display and control module located to the left of the center console and A/C vent.

Dual rear headrest monitors, each with their own DVD player.

Drivers side headrest monitor with leather and stitching to match the factory seats.

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