Friday, August 31, 2012

Porsche Carrera 4S for Pioneer AVIC-X940BT

This customer was recommended to us by Porsche of Tysons to upgrade their radio so they could have some additional features. For this car we put a Pioneer AVIC-X940BT which features AM radio, FM radio, HD radio, CD, DVD, Bluetooth phone and audio, Navigation, and can have other features added. To make this unit fit in the Porsche dash we use a custom made dash piece that we import from Germany. This kit is made to match the factory fit and finish for a seamless install.

Unit installed in the dash.

Ford F-150 for Radio and Sound Upgrade

This customer has had work done with us before and brought by his new Ford F-150 for an all around upgrade. At the heart of this system is a Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH navigation and Bluetooth enabled radio. This unit also includes HD radio, voice control, satellite traffic, AM radio, FM radio, CD and DVD capability, rear seat entertainment control, and Bluetooth audio. For this vehicle we also added a Rydeen back-up camera to help with the rear view.
To improve the sound in this vehicle we started with a pair of Focal Polyglass Component Speakers in the front doors. These speakers are handmade in France and have an unmatched quality in the aftermarket world. For the rear doors we put a pair of Pioneer Type-D Coaxial Speakers. These help to fill in the sound coming from the rear and add some bass to the system. In addition to replacing all of the speakers in this vehicle we also added a Pioneer 4-Channel Digital Amplifier to power the speakers. This 4-channel amplifier was hidden under the drivers seat as to not take up too much room in the vehicle.
The last step to finish off the sound improvement was to add some more bass in the rear of the vehicle. For this we used a Pioneer Shallow Mount Sub-woofer placed in a BBox custom fit sub box which fits under the back seat. Next to the box we fit another Pioneer Digital Amplifier, this time a mono amp for better sub-woofer control. The whole system sounded great in the end and the customer was very happy. Next we will be putting a radar detector and custom fit sub box in his Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.
Pile of parts to be installed

Factory radio still in the dash.

Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH installed in the dash.

Custom fit Bbox sub box under the back seat.

Pioneer Digital 4-Channel Amplifier under the drivers seat.

Pioneer Digital Mono Amplifier next to the sub box under the rear seat.

Rear foot space.

Back-up camera mounted above the rear license plate.

Porsche Cayanne GTS for Back-up Camera and Satellite Radio

The owner of this vehicle was directed to us by a local Porsche dealership in order to add a back-up camera and satellite radio to his factory radio. This Porsche Cayenne GTS took quite a while for the customer to find as this is one with a standard transmission and a very uncommon paint color, once he was able to find one he did not want to bring it to anyone but the best, so he came to Hurley's. For both of the interfaces we wanted to add we used NAV-TV interface boxes which allow for seamless use through the factory radio, as well as a Rydeen back-up camera.

Close-up of the Back-up camera

Back-up camera on the factory screen.

Acura MDX for Full Entertainment Upgrade

This customer came to us with his Acura MDX looking to upgrade the sound system and to inquire about rear seat entertainment for his kids. For the audio upgrade we started with a pair of Focal Polyglass component speakers in the front doors and a pair of Pioneer Type-D coaxial speakers in the rear doors. This greatly improved the sound and the efficiency of the system, however to take it a step further we also added a Pioneer Digital 4-Channel amplifier. To retain his available trunk space this amplifier was placed under the rear floor in a storage cubby, and because it is a digital amplifier it was small enough to fit and also wont generate as much heat as a traditional amplifier preventing and overheating issues down the road.
So now we had a happy customer, but he wanted to make sure his kids were happy while riding around in the car also, so for them we added a set of Vizualogic headrest monitors. These monitors each have their own DVD player built in and also have the ability to plug an iPod, SD Card, or almost any other storage device into them for additional video inputs. They also come with a pair of headphones or the sound can be played through the vehicles speaker system. The monitors are made to order and use custom leather and stitching to ensure a perfect match with the vehicles seats and interior. Overall this vehicle came out very well and sounds great!

Amplifier under the opened floor.

Floor closed, amplifier underneath.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Audi A5 for Back-up Camera and Navigation Add On

This customer was referred to us by the Audi dealership in Arlington. The customer was looking to add Navigation to his factory Audi radio screen. For this we added a Video-in-Motion unit which also allowed us to have another video input into the radio. Because we had an additional input the customer decided that while we were there we should also add a back-up camera since it is a convertible which limits the rear view. The navigation is a Garmin based system which displays through the factory screen and includes a remote to allow the user to input necessary commands.

Factory radio in use.

Garmin Nav loading screen

Back-up camera on screen
Back-up camera above the license plate.

Land Rover LR4 for Head Rest Monitors

This car was sent to us by Manhattan Land Rover in Bethesda Maryland. The new owner of this vehicle wanted to have head rest monitors added to their vehicle so we added our tried and true Vizualogic dual head rest monitor system with two DVD players, headphones, and play through radio capability. This was one of two of these systems we did on Thursday for this particular dealership, the other was a Range Rover Sport however I was unable to get pictures of that one due to delivery concerns with traffic building up in the area quickly.

Subaru BRZ for Back-up Camera

This is the new Subaru BRZ which was released in June of this year. This is the twin of the Scion FR-S, which we had one of earlier this summer in red. This is actually my car and we had been doing some research and testing to get an operational back-up camera for it that would run off of the factory navigation radio. After quite a bit of planning and a few hours of trial and error we were able to get this all worked and I am proud to say this was the first ever back-up camera to be connected to the factory navigation on this car! For this I used a Rydeen camera which is the same unit we use in all of the other vehicles we work on. The camera is set up to automatically turn on when the car is put into reverse and turns back off when the car is put into neutral or a different gear. Now for a couple of pictures:

Picture of it at home.

Back-up camera mounted above the license plate.

Close-up of the back-up camera.

Back-up camera on the factory navigation screen with factory radio lines.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mercedes GL450 for Satellite TV Integration

This Mercedes GL450 was brought to us with factory headrest monitors already equipped and the customer wanted to bring Satellite TV to these monitors. For this we used a TracVision Satellite dish which supports DirecTV and bring mobile entertainment to a whole new level. The satellite dish was mounted on top of the vehicles on the factory roof rack mounts in order to give it a good view of the sky. In order to keep this unit from adding too much height to the vehicle it is designed to be fairly sleek and low profile. To add to the factory headrest screens this customer had us also add a full size TV in the rear of the vehicle. This TV is also connected to the DirecTV system and allows for the ultimate tailgating experience.
Now for some pictures.

DirecTV guide on the factory monitors
DirecTV Cinema

Watching a movie.

Side View of the Satellite dish.

Close-up View of the Satellite dish.
Full size TV in the rear of the vehicle.

Porsche 996 911 for Pioneer DEH-80PRS

This vehicle was brought to us by one of our frequent customers who was looking for an audio upgrade that would allow him to fine tune the audio more than a regular radio would allow. For this application we used a Pioneer DEH-80PRS which is Pioneer's top of the line single DIN radio. This radio does not have all of the extra add-ons such as Satellite radio, but it does come with two USB inputs, Bluetooth phone and Audio, and it also allows extensive audio adjustments far beyond any other radios available. For more information on the capabilities of this unit check out pioneer's website here: DEH-80PRS

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2008 Mercedes CLS550 for Z140BH, Blind Spot Detectors, Refinish Wheels, Bumper Touch-Ups, Passport 9500ci

This customer brought us there 2008 Mercedes CLS550 for a bunch of work they wanted done. First, they wanted an upgraded in-dash radio which would include Navigation, Back-up Camera, Bluetooth, and DVD capabilities. For this application we used a Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH with a Rydeen camera. This unit includes Bluetooth, Navigation, and DVD, as well as many other features.
To go with the Pioneer unit we also installed an Escort Passport 9500ci concealed radar detector. This unit includes dual front laser diffusers, single rear laser diffuser, front radar detector, GPS, and a discreet display and control module. I have posted more in depth about this product in past posts, and more information can be found on the Escort website.
In addition to these other parts we installed blind spot detectors on this customers vehicle. This is a fairly new product for us and so far they have been working great. These units will alert the driver by either light, sound, or both if someone is in their blind spot so they know not to change lanes. In order to install these we must put two button sensors on the back corners of the bumper, then we install two lights, one on each side, at the A-pillars to alert the driver, as well as a brain box and speaker under the dash.
While we were doing all of this work we also had two of the wheels refinished to clear up some slight curb rash the customer had, also we had the rear bumper re-painted to fix some minor imperfections, finally we had the customers windows tinted for added privacy and to reduce interior heat from building up while parked.
Now onto the pictures!
Side View Showing tinted windows.
Shot showing the rear bumper before paint, after the back up camera and rear laser diffuser were installed.
Close-up shot of the back up camera and rear laser diffuser.
Shot of the rear bumper after repainting.
Corner shot of the rear bumper showing the blind spot detection button sensors.
Close up shot of the button sensors.
Drivers side blind spot detector light lit up.
Passenger side blind spot detector light unlit.
Front end view showing the front laser diffusers.
Close up shot of the drivers side laser diffuser.
New Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH installed and booting up.
Back up camera in use, this automatically turns on when the car is put in reverse.
Minor curb rash on the wheel before refinishing.
Wheels after refinishing.