Friday, August 31, 2012

Ford F-150 for Radio and Sound Upgrade

This customer has had work done with us before and brought by his new Ford F-150 for an all around upgrade. At the heart of this system is a Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH navigation and Bluetooth enabled radio. This unit also includes HD radio, voice control, satellite traffic, AM radio, FM radio, CD and DVD capability, rear seat entertainment control, and Bluetooth audio. For this vehicle we also added a Rydeen back-up camera to help with the rear view.
To improve the sound in this vehicle we started with a pair of Focal Polyglass Component Speakers in the front doors. These speakers are handmade in France and have an unmatched quality in the aftermarket world. For the rear doors we put a pair of Pioneer Type-D Coaxial Speakers. These help to fill in the sound coming from the rear and add some bass to the system. In addition to replacing all of the speakers in this vehicle we also added a Pioneer 4-Channel Digital Amplifier to power the speakers. This 4-channel amplifier was hidden under the drivers seat as to not take up too much room in the vehicle.
The last step to finish off the sound improvement was to add some more bass in the rear of the vehicle. For this we used a Pioneer Shallow Mount Sub-woofer placed in a BBox custom fit sub box which fits under the back seat. Next to the box we fit another Pioneer Digital Amplifier, this time a mono amp for better sub-woofer control. The whole system sounded great in the end and the customer was very happy. Next we will be putting a radar detector and custom fit sub box in his Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.
Pile of parts to be installed

Factory radio still in the dash.

Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH installed in the dash.

Custom fit Bbox sub box under the back seat.

Pioneer Digital 4-Channel Amplifier under the drivers seat.

Pioneer Digital Mono Amplifier next to the sub box under the rear seat.

Rear foot space.

Back-up camera mounted above the rear license plate.

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