Friday, August 31, 2012

Acura MDX for Full Entertainment Upgrade

This customer came to us with his Acura MDX looking to upgrade the sound system and to inquire about rear seat entertainment for his kids. For the audio upgrade we started with a pair of Focal Polyglass component speakers in the front doors and a pair of Pioneer Type-D coaxial speakers in the rear doors. This greatly improved the sound and the efficiency of the system, however to take it a step further we also added a Pioneer Digital 4-Channel amplifier. To retain his available trunk space this amplifier was placed under the rear floor in a storage cubby, and because it is a digital amplifier it was small enough to fit and also wont generate as much heat as a traditional amplifier preventing and overheating issues down the road.
So now we had a happy customer, but he wanted to make sure his kids were happy while riding around in the car also, so for them we added a set of Vizualogic headrest monitors. These monitors each have their own DVD player built in and also have the ability to plug an iPod, SD Card, or almost any other storage device into them for additional video inputs. They also come with a pair of headphones or the sound can be played through the vehicles speaker system. The monitors are made to order and use custom leather and stitching to ensure a perfect match with the vehicles seats and interior. Overall this vehicle came out very well and sounds great!

Amplifier under the opened floor.

Floor closed, amplifier underneath.

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