Friday, August 24, 2012

Subaru BRZ for Back-up Camera

This is the new Subaru BRZ which was released in June of this year. This is the twin of the Scion FR-S, which we had one of earlier this summer in red. This is actually my car and we had been doing some research and testing to get an operational back-up camera for it that would run off of the factory navigation radio. After quite a bit of planning and a few hours of trial and error we were able to get this all worked and I am proud to say this was the first ever back-up camera to be connected to the factory navigation on this car! For this I used a Rydeen camera which is the same unit we use in all of the other vehicles we work on. The camera is set up to automatically turn on when the car is put into reverse and turns back off when the car is put into neutral or a different gear. Now for a couple of pictures:

Picture of it at home.

Back-up camera mounted above the license plate.

Close-up of the back-up camera.

Back-up camera on the factory navigation screen with factory radio lines.

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