Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2008 Mercedes CLS550 for Z140BH, Blind Spot Detectors, Refinish Wheels, Bumper Touch-Ups, Passport 9500ci

This customer brought us there 2008 Mercedes CLS550 for a bunch of work they wanted done. First, they wanted an upgraded in-dash radio which would include Navigation, Back-up Camera, Bluetooth, and DVD capabilities. For this application we used a Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH with a Rydeen camera. This unit includes Bluetooth, Navigation, and DVD, as well as many other features.
To go with the Pioneer unit we also installed an Escort Passport 9500ci concealed radar detector. This unit includes dual front laser diffusers, single rear laser diffuser, front radar detector, GPS, and a discreet display and control module. I have posted more in depth about this product in past posts, and more information can be found on the Escort website.
In addition to these other parts we installed blind spot detectors on this customers vehicle. This is a fairly new product for us and so far they have been working great. These units will alert the driver by either light, sound, or both if someone is in their blind spot so they know not to change lanes. In order to install these we must put two button sensors on the back corners of the bumper, then we install two lights, one on each side, at the A-pillars to alert the driver, as well as a brain box and speaker under the dash.
While we were doing all of this work we also had two of the wheels refinished to clear up some slight curb rash the customer had, also we had the rear bumper re-painted to fix some minor imperfections, finally we had the customers windows tinted for added privacy and to reduce interior heat from building up while parked.
Now onto the pictures!
Side View Showing tinted windows.
Shot showing the rear bumper before paint, after the back up camera and rear laser diffuser were installed.
Close-up shot of the back up camera and rear laser diffuser.
Shot of the rear bumper after repainting.
Corner shot of the rear bumper showing the blind spot detection button sensors.
Close up shot of the button sensors.
Drivers side blind spot detector light lit up.
Passenger side blind spot detector light unlit.
Front end view showing the front laser diffusers.
Close up shot of the drivers side laser diffuser.
New Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH installed and booting up.
Back up camera in use, this automatically turns on when the car is put in reverse.
Minor curb rash on the wheel before refinishing.
Wheels after refinishing.

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