Friday, July 27, 2012

Audi Q7 for Radar Detector and Rear Seat Entertainment

This customer came to us interested in a rear seat entertainment system and a radar detector for their Audi Q7. For the rear seat entertainment we installed a Vizualogic system which includes dual headrest monitors, each with their own DVD and Aux port built into the monitor. They also include two pairs of headphones and an FM modulator so you can listen to the DVD player through the radio. These units are made to order for each vehicle and are made to perfectly match the vehicles leather and stitching.
For the radar detector we installed the tried and true Escort Passport 9500ci. We frequently install these in customers cars as they are the best of the best as far as radar detectors go and they include many features other radar detectors do not. For more information on these check out some of my previous posts, or check out Escorts website at: .

Close up of the front Driver's side laser diffuser.

Close up of the Rear Laser Diffuser.

Center console with Display and Control Module
Close up of the display and controller
Vizualogic Rear seat headrest monitors.

Drivers side headrest monitor. (This monitor has a protective cover over the screen, not a defective screen)

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