Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BMW 3-Series for Subwoofer, Speakers & iPod input

This customer brought by their BMW 3-Series to have an iPod connection added and also have some speakers and a sub-woofer added to make the car sound better. For the iPod connection we used a Blitzsafe piece which replaces the CD Changer and allows the radio a direct input for the iPod. In the front doors we replaced the factory BMW speakers with a pair of Focal Polyglass speakers. These speakers are handmade in France and are some of the nicest speakers currently available. For the sub-woofer we went with a Pioneer shallow mount sub and box along with a Pioneer digital class-D amplifier. With the new speakers and sub-woofer the car was sounding much better, and with the addition of the iPod cable the customer was able to hear all of his music through the new system.

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