Friday, February 15, 2013

Subaru BRZ for Radar Detector, Speaker Upgrade, and Back-up Camera

This customer brought by his brand new Subaru BRZ Limited in order to have a bunch of work done to upgrade a few of the things Subaru and Toyota left out when designing the car. The customer picked up his car from the dealership and brought it right over to us without even getting a chance to break it in, the car had less than 100 miles on it when it rolled into our shop.

 Since I also own one of these cars he was willing to trust us to do what we do best for upgrading this car, and the first thing it needed was an Escort Passport 9500ci. This is a fully concealed system with dual front laser diffusers, front radar detector, a single rear laser diffuser, and a GPS antennae for locating speed and traffic light cameras. The system also comes with a small display and control module, as well as a cut off switch for quickly powering on or off the system. These units also have a USB adapter plug located above the drivers feet to allow easy updates of new camera and speed trap locations. The Passport 9500ci is a top of the line concealed radar system with unmatched performance for everyday use.

Front laser diffusers in the front bumper

Rear laser diffuser above the license plate. You can also see the back up camera mounted in this picture.

Controller located by the drivers right knee.

Display module mounted above the rear view mirror.

After the radar detector was finished we began working on the back-up camera. For this we use a Rydeen Miny which is a bit bigger than a sugar cube. On select Subaru models we have the ability to add a back-up camera to the factory radio screen, and the BRZ is one of the models we are able to do this for. Along with the rest of this work we also upgraded the front speakers in this car. When this car was designed they had a good layout for the front speakers however the quality of the speakers could have been better, so we upgrade the front three way set up. On the dash we upgraded the factory 3.5" component set to a set of Focal 4" Slim Component speakers. These speakers have much improved quality and come with a metal inverted dome tweeter which helps replicate the sounds produced by metal instruments. In the doors the car comes with factory 6.5" woofers which we replaced with a pair of Pioneer Type-D speakers. These speakers are very bass heavy which adds a good contrast to the performance from the Focals up high in the car. The speakers sit behind the factory grills and go completely unnoticed until you began listening to the radio, then these speakers really let themselves be known.

Image of the Back-up Camera on the factory navigation screen with the factory reverse camera lines.

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