Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ford F-350 Super Duty Extended Cab for Full System Upgrade

This customer came to us with his amazing Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab Diesel truck. He had already done quite a few upgrades (as you can see) to this truck with no expense spared. He brought the vehicle to us to finish the truck off with a new navigation system, full sound system, and a new remote start and alarm. As the source for the upgrades we started with a Pioneer AVIC-Z150BH. This unit  comes standard with navigation and NavTraffic, Bluetooth, HD AM/FM radio, CD/DVD, iPod/iPhone interface, SD and USB inputs as well as an auxiliary input for using non USB devices. This unit can also be upgraded with back-up cameras, satellite radio, and additional A/V inputs. This unit also has a 7 inch touchscreen display that slides down for the CD/DVD input and can be tilted for a better view or reduced glare. This customer chose to add SiriusXM Satellite Radio, a Rydeen back-up camera, and used one of the additional A/V inputs for a front facing Rydeen camera.
For the sound system portion of this vehicle we started with Pioneer Type-D component speakers all around. We also used a digital Pioneer GM-D8604 to power the component speakers. In the back we added two Pioneer Shallow Mount Sub-woofer Boxes. These subs are powered by another Pioneer digital amp, a GM-D8601. To finalize the sound system we lined the entire car with Stinger Roadkill sound deadening to eliminate rattles and reduce the drive-train and road noise that this truck creates.
Finally we added a Compustar remote start and alarm system. This system has a delayed start for the diesel engine glow plugs, shock sensors so if someone tries to tamper with the vehicle the alarm will go off, and we also added the Drone Mobile system which allows the owner to start the car and operate the alarm functions from his cell phone. With this system as long as his cell phone has service he can know his car is safe. We also gave him two hand held fob remotes for back-up in case he is ever to lose his cell phone. The next and final step will be connecting his alarm to his after market train horns (which are VERY loud), and allowing him to honk them by simply pressing a button on his cell phone. We will save that for another post, and we will post a video....

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