Saturday, September 7, 2013

2014 Porsche Boxster for Pioneer Navigation and Upgraded Front Speakers

This 2014 Boxster was our first chance to get our hands on the new platform for the Boxster from Porsche. This install was actually done a couple of months ago, we have just been a bit busy this summer so the blog has not been updated as frequently as in the past. Since we worked on this customers car we have done a few more of these newer model Boxsters for anything from radios and speakers to the Passport 9500ci fully concealed Radar and Laser detection system.
This customer brought theirs by to upgrade their OEM radio to an aftermarket Pioneer navigation. The aftermarket radio comes with more features than the factory one at a fraction of the cost. This customer chose to go with the Pioneer AVIC-Z150BH which comes standard with navigation and NavTraffic, Bluetooth, HD AM/FM radio, CD/DVD, iPod/iPhone interface, SD and USB inputs as well as an auxiliary input for using non USB devices. This unit can also be upgraded with back-up cameras, satellite radio, and additional A/V inputs. This unit also has a 7 inch touchscreen display that slides down for the CD/DVD input and can be tilted for a better view or reduced glare. For the area around the radio we were able to source a dash kit directly from Porsche in Germany that matches the fit and finish of the OEM center console perfectly and even has the Porsche logo on its face.
This customer was also interested in upgrading the audio in the vehicle, so we replaced the front door speakers with a set of German Maestro high fidelity speakers that come is the specific sizes needed to fit the newer Porsche models perfectly. This speakers paired with the stronger amplifier found in the Pioneer radio made for a huge difference in sound quality.
This customer left our shop very happy that they were able to upgrade the system beyond the available options directly from Porsche at a fraction of the cost.

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