Thursday, November 1, 2012

Acura TL for Passport 9500ci, BlackVue, and Blind Spot Detection

This Acura TL was brought to us by a repeat customer who wanted to have his Escort Passport 9500ci concealed radar detection system installed in his new car. Along with the radar detector he was interested in having a few vehicle safety devices installed also. He was interested in our vehicle blind spot detection system as well as our new BlackVue GPS equipped camera.

The initial reason this customer came by was to have his Escort Passport 9500ci reinstalled into his new vehicle.  This is a fully concealed system with dual front laser diffusers, front radar detector, a single rear laser diffuser, and a GPS antennae for locating speed and traffic light cameras. The system also comes with a small display and control module, as well as a cut off switch for quickly powering on or off the system. These units also have a USB adapter plug located above the drivers feet to allow easy updates of new camera and speed trap locations. The Passport 9500ci is a top of the line concealed radar system with unmatched performance for everyday use.

Display and control module mounted in the center console.

Front Laser diffuser mounted in the front bumper.

Rear laser diffuser mounted above the license plate.

After we finished the radar detector install we installed a Vehicle Blind Spot Detection System. This system is used to alert a driver when someone is in their blind spot using either visible or audible alerts. For this particular vehicle we set the system so the LEDs would turn on whenever a vehicle is in the blind spot of the driver, and if the driver activates the turn signal the system will also beep to let you know someone is in the blind spot.
Visual alert when off.

Visual alert on, with door closed.

Visual alert on, door open.
Blind spot sensor mounted in the bumper.

The final addition this customer wanted was to add our new BlackVue DR400G-HD II. This unit is a GPS ready HD camera which will record whenever the vehicle is in motion. It comes with an SD card which can hold over 7 hours of video, and when the card fills up it will begin recording over old video. The camera also has a built in shock sensor so if there is an impact it will store the recording away so it will not get recorded over. This shock sensor also will tell the camera to wake up and begin recording if there is an impact while the vehicle is parked and turned off. Along with the HD video the unit also records sounds and voices in the vehicle. The GPS in this unit allows the video to display the speed the vehicle is traveling as well as allows the user to pull up a map that shows where the vehicle has been.

BlackVue DR400G-HD II mounted on the windshield behind the rear view mirror.

*note* These videos should be watched in the highest quality available. Video was recorded in HD.

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