Friday, November 16, 2012

Porsche 997 911 for Passport 9500ci and Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH

This customer was sent over to us by Porsche of Tyson's Corner in order to upgrade his audio system. This Porsche 997 911 Carrera came with the standard factory PCM (Porsche Communication Management), which is in need of improvement. In order to get him a better unit in the car we upgraded him to the Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH,  which comes standard with navigation, Bluetooth, AM/FM radio, CD/DVD, iPod/iPhone interface, Sat nav traffic, HD Radio, SD and USB inputs as well as an auxiliary input for using non USB devices. This unit can also be upgraded with back-up cameras and satellite radio. In order to make this unit fit the customers dash properly we used one of our Porsche specific kits that we imported from Germany to give a perfect match for fit and finish.
While we had the car in the shop the customer opted to add one of our Escort Passport 9500ci radar detection system. This is a fully concealed system with dual front laser diffusers, front radar detector, a single rear laser diffuser, and a GPS antennae for locating speed and traffic light cameras. The system also comes with a small display and control module, as well as a cut off switch for quickly powering on or off the system. These units also have a USB adapter plug located above the drivers feet to allow easy updates of new camera and speed trap locations. The Passport 9500ci is a top of the line concealed radar system with unmatched performance for everyday use.
The front laser diffusers are mounted in the front outside grills.

Rear laser diffuser is mounted above the license plate.

Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH mounted in the dash with the radar control and display mounted in the bottom pocket.

Another shot of the radio and radar controls, showing the perfect match of the dash kit.

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