Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2004 Ford Excursion For Full Entertainment System

This customer brought us his 2004 Ford Excursion for a full sound system upgrade. This customer has had quite a lot of work done to his truck and wanted to finish everything off with a revamped sound system. For this he brought the vehicle to us knowing our dedicated sales staff would outfit him with the right equipment for his vehicle and our experienced installers would take proper care of his truck.

 At the heart of this system we started with a Pioneer AVIC-X940BT Navigation, Bluetooth, and DVD player. This unit has all the features of a modern navigation radio, and for this customer we also added a back-up camera to help with rear view. On this vehicle we used a vehicle specific camera that mounted in the middle of third brake light on top of the vehicle. Not only does this allow for a cleaner looking install but it also gives a better view of what is behind the vehicle.
Pioneer AVIC-X940BT

Rear View Camera Mounted between the third brake light.

Close-up of the rear view camera.
 The next step for this customers vehicle was upgrading the speakers. This truck has three sets of 6x8 speakers which were all replaced with Pioneer speakers. For the front set we went with Pioneer's top of the line Type-D Coaxial speakers and for the rear we used their Type-A Coaxial speakers. The reason for going with better speakers in the front doors only is because the front speakers are where most of the audible sound comes from while the rear speakers are mainly in place for filling out the sound. No pictures were taken of the aftermarket speakers installed because they were installed in the factory locations and remained behind the factory grills for a sleek appearance.

To finish the system off we added a Pioneer Shallow mount sub-woofer mounted in a Pioneer Shallow mount downward firing enclosure, and powered by a Pioneer digital amplifier. This sub helped to fill in the lower notes and complete the range of frequencies for the system. This is also a very durable enclosure which hides the sub-woofer underneath it so you can pile things on top or around the box without worrying of damaging the speaker.
Sub-woofer enclosure is the small black box to the left of the rear storage area.


  1. Did you build the backup camera?
    I have a 05 Excursion and I'm looking to upgrade to something like this one.

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