Friday, September 21, 2012

Aston Martin Vantage for iPod and Sirius Satellite Radio

This customer was recommended to us by Aston Martin of Tyson's Corner in order to integrate iPod and Sirius satellite radio into the factory radio and entertainment system. For the iPod connection we were able to integrate into the factory system and provide a direct plug in which would charge the iPod as well as give direct audio input for perfect CD quality sound. For the Satellite radio portion of this install we used an external control module which was placed in the ash tray in the center console and comes in through a radio station with a strong modulator that actually blocks incoming radio signal in order to get as clear sound quality as possible. The ash tray is still able to close giving the vehicle a factory look if desired.

Sirius Satellite radio installed in the ash tray.

iPod cable charging the iPhone next to the satellite radio controller.

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