Friday, September 21, 2012

Lamborghini Gallardo for Radar Detector System

This customer came to us by way of Lamborghini of Washington and was interested in a radar detection system for his Lamborghini Gallardo. For this vehicle we used out Escort Passport 9500ci radar and laser detection system which is a top of the line fully concealed unit. The system includes a front radar detector, dual front laser diffusers, rear laser diffuser, GPS antennae for red light and speed cameras, a small control module, and a small display. 

For this system the rear laser diffuser is mounted on the license plate bracket to give it a wide enough field of vision to properly block laser guns and for a fairly discreet look.

Rear laser diffuser mounted above the license plate.

The front laser diffusers for this system are mounted in the front lower grill and from just a few steps back are unnoticeable. The front radar sensor is hidden behind the bumper and is not visible at all.

Front laser diffusers in the lower front grill

 The display and control module are both located in the glove box for this vehicle so that the customer can close his glove box and have the entire system hidden.

Display and control module in the glove box.

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